Acrylic Painting Sets

If you are new to painting with acrylics you definitely want to think about what acrylic painting set you want to use for your paintings. There are three things you need to consider when choosing an acrylic set. The first is quality of acrylic paint, second the price and last the brand.  I list these in no particular order because they really work interchangeable.

Most acrylic painting sets come in 6, 8, 10 or 48. The main thing is that you know how to work with what you have. If you know your basic color wheel you can get by with the an acrylic painting set of 8

There are a plethora of acrylic painting sets made by various brands. I am only going to mention two because I feel these two are the best in the student grade paint and the best among the professional paint.  You are welcome to differ. For my personal use I found these to work best for me.

Let’s start with the less expensive student grade paint, Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints.

The Basic Acrylic Paint is considered the best student grade paint out there. It works well with other mediums but you may have to use more as oppose to a more premium acrylic paint. If you want a thicker body professional paint you can definitely use the Liquitex gels.

The pigment in the Basic Acrylic Paint is fair but is not as vibrant as the more professional paint sets such as Golden or Winsor & Newton. The Basic Acrylic Paint Set is great for art students, hobbyist or experimentation because they don’t hold up against the test of time. The light fastness is not great but definitely better than other student grade paints. It is great for beginner paintings though, because it is easy to apply, has good coverage and density and is easy to clean up. However, it is better than many of the other student grade paints like Reeves  or Chromacryl

The Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints  comes in several sets. The most popular ones are the 48 ml set and the 6 40 oz set acrylic painting set.

Golden Acrylic Painting Set  is my favorite paint. (As you can see I am a little bias.)  I like these better than the Liquitex Heavy Body and the Winsor & Newton. You can just feel the difference when painting with Golden’s simply because of their consistency, pigment, and elasticity. Because of the cost of this premium paint I highly recommend artist who are familiar with painting and have a understanding of their own painting process use this brand. There are several Golden Sets that artists can choose from. one of which is the Golden Principal Color Mixing System Set. This is a fantastic set and has great introductory price. Accompanied by Golden Mediums, and a good mixing book (I personally love this one: Color Mixing Recipes) you can start exploring acrylic any way you’d like.

The other Golden Set is the Golden Artist Colors: Golden Acrylic Principal Set of 6 which is much thicker and does not need any gel to thicken the paint especially if you are trying to paint textures using a palette knife. This paint is a little more expensive than the basic Golden paint because of its thickness.  If price is a factor in your decision when purchasing painting you may want to wait until you are comfortable with painting with acrylics.

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